Lets make this world cleaner and greener for the next generation.

On Georgetown University's campus, throughout the nation's capitol, and around the world in places like Haiti and Malawi, we work on real, concrete projects. We work with innovative technologies like solar power, geothermal heating, and energy savings techniques. All the while, we educate Georgetown students on the possibilities and careers in the clean energy field.

Natural Gas Taxes: A Big Fracking Deal

By Micah Musser   It is always comforting to visit home over spring break and find out that everything is still the same as it was when you left. For instance, returning to my home in Pennsylvania this past week came with the unsurprising discovery that the state is still without a state budget, as it has been for the… Read more →

Is the Clean Power Plan Losing Power?

By Stella Cai On February 9, 2016, with a 5-to-4 vote, the Supreme Court issued a stay on the implementation of the Clean Power Plan. The EPA and the Obama administration weren’t too happy about it.   Let’s back up. Who is the EPA and what is the Clean Power Plan?   On August 3, 2015, Obama and the Environmental… Read more →

Analysis of “Style” by Taylor Swift

Here at GE, we like a lot of things, with stuff like green energy, energy efficiency, and good music topping the list.  I feel like not many people know about that last part though, so I felt that this week’s blog needed to explain our love of good music. Anyone can say they appreciate good music, so in order to… Read more →

Taking the Reins

Students are pouring in from every corner of the globe once again to fill the Hilltop back to the brim. Some come for the first time, some have seen it all before. Whichever you are, Georgetown Energy welcomes you back. We have been busy making this campus more energy efficient, even over the muggy D.C. summer. Some of the improvements… Read more →