Lets make this world cleaner and greener for the next generation.

On Georgetown University's campus, throughout the nation's capitol, and around the world in places like Haiti and Malawi, we work on real, concrete projects. We work with innovative technologies like solar power, geothermal heating, and energy savings techniques. All the while, we educate Georgetown students on the possibilities and careers in the clean energy field.

Taking the Reins

Students are pouring in from every corner of the globe once again to fill the Hilltop back to the brim. Some come for the first time, some have seen it all before. Whichever you are, Georgetown Energy welcomes you back. We have been busy making this campus more energy efficient, even over the muggy D.C. summer. Some of the improvements… Read more →

What is Georgetown Energy?

We are a group of students with a broad goal of improving the University and the world’s carbon footprint. We achieve this lofty goal through concrete projects that have real value. While other groups might focus on campaigns and advocacy for “green” ideas, we attack the issue through the implementation of sustainable and renewable technologies. This hands-on methodology is hard… Read more →